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The McKenzie Method – How Can It Help?

Learn about the McKenzie Method!

Back pain can hinder your ability to do normal, everyday tasks. Normal physical therapy can become expensive and long-term. Luckily, with the McKenzie Method, one of the top spine surgeons Long Island can help relieve your back pain. This method has revolutionized the way we can treat back pain. It is a noninvasive treatment option for people suffering from lower back pain. At New York Orthopaedic Spinal Associates, there is a spine surgeon in Nassau County that can help.

What exactly is the McKenzie Method?

The McKenzie Method is an option for those suffering from any kind of musculoskeletal pain. This can be anywhere from the neck, shoulders, back, knees, or ankles. Those who suffer from arthritis, degenerative disc disease, muscle spasms, sciatica, or hand/feet numbness also qualify for this treatment. 

The goal of the McKenzie Method is to allow the patient to treat themselves and learn how to prevent any future pain. With treatment through exercises, the patient can prevent any future pain, as well. If you have any other symptoms of back pain, do not hesitate to call your spine surgeon in Nassau County.

How it Works

The McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, or MDT, works several steps: assessment, classification, and treatment. One of the top spine surgeons Long Island may break the steps down in the following ways: 

  • Assessment – Your physical therapist will initially perform an assessment to determine your level of pain. That way, the exercises are not too strenuous.
  • Classification – Your physical therapist will decide the best treatment for you by categorizing your symptoms into one of four categories: derangement syndrome, dysfunction syndrome, postural syndrome, or another syndrome.
  • Treatment – The appropriate exercises are assigned to the patient for accurate treatment. 


Talk to your doctor before considering any of these exercises as an option! If you have any questions, call your spine surgeon in Nassau County today.

  • Prone Lying – The patient lies on their stomach to realign the joints. After a while, attempt the next exercise, prone props.
    • Targets: Lower back pain & sciatica
  • Prone Props – After lying on your stomach, use your elbows to start to lift your torso off the ground. Pain movement into your spine, known as centralization, is an indicator that it is working. However, pain within another region of your body, such as your thigh or buttock, indicates you should stop.
    • Targets: lower back
  • Press Ups – After lying on your stomach, switch from using your elbows to your hands to stretch yourself up. This position should be similar to the upward dog yoga pose. After a few seconds, return to the lying position and repeat. Again, centralization is a good indicator.
    • Targets: back pain

If you believe the Mckenzie Method can help reduce your back pain, then it’s time to contact a Spine Surgeon in Nassau County. At New York Orthopedic Spinal Associates, our team of top spine surgeons on Long Island can help get you back on your feet as soon as possible.

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