Discs are the rubbery cushions that sit between the bones along the vertebrae (spine). When these discs are damaged, they can be identified as a herniated disc (also known as ruptured or slipped discs). These discs are meant to hold the vertebrae in place and act as shock absorbers, making the spine comfortable to move around. A Herniated disc can cause severe pain in the neck, upper and lower back. Depending on how severe the disc is, surgery may be an option. At New York Orthopaedic Spinal Associates, we specialize in herniated discs. If you are looking for a spine surgeon on Long Island, contact us today to set up an appointment!


When the disc bulges outside its parameter, it causes its outer layer to crack. This can result in pain anywhere throughout the spine and can possibly lead to the buttox or leg, which is called sciatic pain. Herniated discs are mainly caused by the natural effect of aging, but they can be worsened by injuries to the spine and or stress. If a herniated disc is not treated, it can lead to major damaging of the spine making it hard to move around and it can cause heavy lifting of the vertebrae. Which is why you should contact a spine surgeon before the herniated disc becomes damaged beyond repair.


The disc can deteriorate from aging or from specific injuries causing pain, tingling, numbing and even muscle spasms. Sudden movements such as coughing, bending, stretching, even sneezing can worsen the herniated disc. The most common area for herniated discs is in the lower back. Our spine surgeons of Long Island at New York Orthopaedic Spinal Associates can help diagnosis your pain, deciding whether or not you are suffering from a herniated disc.


Treatment often begins with lots of bed rest and taking various medications and painkillers. Occasionally, epidural injections may be used to lessen the nerve irritation and help the healing process. Depending on the damage of the disc, surgery may be your best option. Here at New York Orthopaedic Spinal Associates, we want you to be as comfortable as possible and have the most trust in your surgeon. If you are looking for a spine surgeon on Long Island and feel like you may have a herniated disc, please give us a call today to set up an appointment with one of our specialists!