The spine is the body’s central support structure. If it begins to curve and become misaligned, an abundance of complications will likely be the result. At New York Orthopaedic Spinal Associates, we understand how important it is to maintain proper spine health. If you are suffering from severe scoliosis and your condition continues to worsen, spinal fusion may be the answer. For those of you that are looking to undergo spine surgery in New York, our orthopedic surgeons can perform this procedure to help correct your severe scoliosis today!


This condition is classified as a curvature of the spine with its true cause being unknown. Scoliosis most often occurs in children experiencing growth spurts that occur right before puberty. Though mostly affecting children, over 3% of the adult population also suffers from this spine-related issue. While cases of this condition are usually mild and require no actual treatment, severe cases of scoliosis can make spine surgery in New York necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


While some patients will have no issues when dealing with scoliosis, others aren’t as fortunate. Depending on the severity of your scoliosis, you are at risk for various complications if the condition is left untreated. Opting to undergo our spine surgery in New York will be able to help you avoid some potential complications such as some of the following:

  • Back pain: Adults with scoliosis are more at risk for chronic back pain.
  • Lung and heart issues: If the curve of your spine is severe enough, it can cause your ribs to press against your lungs and heart. This can make breathing and proper heart functionality perverse.
  • Body alignment: Allowing this condition to worsen can throw off the alignment of your whole body. Your hips and shoulders can become uneven, your rib cage can become more prominent, and your waist may shift to one side.


For those experiencing spinal curves of more than 45 to 50 degrees, we recommend undergoing spinal fusion surgery to prevent future complications. This operation will straighten the spine and permanently fuse your vertebrae. To promote the fusion of the vertebrae, bone grafts or synthetic substances may be used. Once the alignment has been made, metal plates or rods may be inserted around the vertebrae to allow them to heal in a straight line. This fusion stops the growth of this part of the spine completely, meaning that the curvature will no longer take place.


While spinal fusion is a major surgery that will require some time to fully heal, there is no reason to expect you won’t make a full recovery. Immediately following the operation, our spine surgeon in New York will want you to stay hospitalized for at least three to four days. During this time, he’ll observe how your body has reacted to the surgery and make sure there are no issues. Be prepared to wear a brace to ensure that your spine remains in the proper alignment until the body has fused the bone into place. This process can take between four to six weeks. After a successful fusion, you may need to undergo a regimen of physical therapy to regain the strength in your back and increase your range of motion!  In most cases, it can typically take between three and six months to fully recover from this operation.


At New York Orthopaedic Spinal Associates, we want to help ease your mind when it comes to severe scoliosis. Our surgeons are experts in treating the spine and they know how to properly care for each patient. Don’t continue to live with severe scoliosis, contact us for spinal fusion surgery to correct your curvature issues today!