When the spinal cord experiences severe compression, this is known as myelopathy. The constriction of the spinal cord can be caused by trauma, congenital stenosis, or a degenerative disease. Many patients experience myelopathy in the middle of the spine, the neck, and uncommonly, in the top section of the lumbar spine. Cervical myelopathy is the most common form and the surgical procedure, cervical laminoplasty, can help treat the condition. If you could benefit from this form of treatment, there is a spine surgeon on Long Island with New York Orthopaedic Spinal Associates that can help!


Cervical laminoplasty is a surgical procedure that eliminates compression from multiple levels in the neck by making an incision in the back of the neck and cutting the lamina. The lamina is the bone covering the spinal cord. There are two different ways your spine surgeon on Long Island can go about this procedure:

  • Open-Door laminoplasty – This procedure involves cutting both the left and right sides of the lamina, which allows it to be open and elevated, resembling an open door.
  • French-Door laminoplasty – This technique makes a hinge on the two sides of the lamina and opens up the middle, elevating both sides. These incisions make it look similar to a French-door. 

These techniques create space for the spinal cord, resulting in a decrease in pressure. 


After surgery, you will progressively go back to your typical daily routines, but of course, you must take care of yourself first with these tips:

  • Wear your cervical collar
    • Your spine surgeon on Long Island may suggest you wear a collar after surgery to provide comfort and support. 
  • Inspect incision daily
    • Ensure that for the first 5 days, it is clean, dry, and secure. After that time has passed, make sure to check for any signs of infection. 
  • Limit physical activity
    • Try walking three times a day to increase your distance. Avoid lifting heavy things and undergoing strenuous activities until your post-op visit, which will most likely be 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery. 
  • No driving
    • Avoid driving for 2 weeks until your reflexes are back to normal. 
  • Ensure proper sleep positions
    • Try to fall asleep on your back or side. Although it may seem uncomfortable, it is beneficial to wear your soft collar to sleep for the first two weeks. Prevent your neck from bending forward by ensuring that your pillow is under your head, neck, and shoulders. 
  • Wear your compression stockings
    • Until you are walking three times a day, keep your compression stockings on to prevent swelling. Keep your legs elevated. 
  • Listen to your doctor on when to return to work
    • Returning back to work depends on what you do for a living. Your spine surgeon on Long Island can help you decide when it’s best to return to work. 


If you think cervical laminoplasty is the right surgery for you, contact us at New York Orthopedic Spinal Associates!