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Both Dr. Marc and Dr. Ira Chernoff helped me though a rough time. They were both caring and very knowledgeable in every aspect. Through the whole process anytime I had a problem or needed them all I had to do was call. They always got back to me. Truly, if it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I would be walking now. Office staff always very friendly and accommodating. I feel very lucky that when I was admitted into the hospital I got the Chernoff team as my surgeons!!

Helge W. in New York, New York
June 18, 2016

Both doctors Marc and Ira are honest and upfront. They explain everything and also are very good listeners. I had neck fusion and was up and about in weeks time.

Randolph Smith in Riverhead, NY
June 15, 2016

Everyone in the office in Stony Brook is kind and compassionate. You are seen very quickly- there’s no waiting in the office for someone to see you. I required surgery and I am 100% back to where I was before my herniated disc began to cause me great distress.

Doreen in Bayport, NY
May 5, 2016

Best caring doctors (Marc and Ira Chernoff) before during and after surgery. I suffered excruciating pain for a year looking for an orthopedic doctor that I felt confident and comfortable with to even do the surgery I needed. The caring doesn’t even stop there. Linda from billing helps with insurance problems and questions, so you can focus on getting yourself better. Nice to know you’re not looked at like just another patient. I’m so thankful.

February 26, 2016

Both Marc and Ira are great doctors. They worked on me 2 times. They both said the same. They tried and helped me. Everyone should go to them. They are in the same office, and they are bothers that are great doctors and great staff.

November 13, 2009

Dr. Marc Chernoff is great. 25 years of back pain gone. It has been 5 years now. I was treated with care by all involved in the practice. From explaining test results to billing appointments and most importantly the outcome of my procedure was great. I am thankful.

Paul B in Port Jefferson Station, NY
July 9, 2016

I’ve already seen a previous back doctor when I realized I had herniated my disc. The treatment plan wasn’t what I’d hoped for so I had sought out a new surgeon. I came across Dr. Chernoff and the experience with him and his brother was truly amazing. They are both the most kind and caring surgeons and will not lead you wrong. Marc Chernoff actually gave me multiple options before I made the decision to have the surgery I had. I healed exceptionally well and highly recommend them both.

Andrea in Ronkonkoma, NY

I first saw Dr. Marc in 2000 when I was in severe back pain. He sent me for a MRI right away and we discovered I had a disc that broke off and fell down and was crushing my nerve. Within two weeks I was operated on and was fine after I healed. Years later in 2018, the same thing happened and Dr. Marc operated on me again. And that surgery went well too. Unfortunately, he doesn’t take my new insurance and I am very upset because I might need surgery again and I want him to do it. But I have been talking with him about what’s going on now and taking his advice. I would have him do my surgery again in a heartbeat. He is so knowledgeable and takes his time with me and really shows he cares. I highly recommend to everyone with back problems. In my book, he is the best.

November 16, 2013

I was treated fir sciatica. Went to Dr. Chernoff after being told by another doctor that I needed surgery. Dr. Chernoff recommended conservative treatment. I am now pain free.

August 30th, 2013

Dr. Chernoff is an amazing surgeon. I had spinal fusion about a year ago and I feel 100% better thanks to him.

November 10, 2009

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