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What Causes Degenerative Disc Disease?

The discs located in your spine allow for painless movement. They absorb shock between the vertebrae, bones, and rest of the spine that occurs when motion takes place. Since your spine is one of the main support structures for your body, it must always be in top health and functioning properly. Degenerative disc disease can prevent this from happening, potentially resulting in a lower quality of life. At New York Orthopedic Spinal Associates, our team has two brothers that can help with this condition. Both Dr. Ira Chernoff and Dr. Marc Chernoff can be the spine surgeon in Stony Brook you have been looking for. They’ll offer you a proper diagnosis, and determine which form of treatment will work best for you. 

What Is Degenerative Disc Disease?  

As we age, different parts of our body will sustain wear and tear. Our spinal discs are no exception to this. While you may immediately begin to assume that this is a bad thing, that is not always the case. Plenty of people will have their spinal discs break down with no effects or symptoms. However, if the breakdown of your discs impedes on your ability to move and causes significant amounts of pain, you’re likely dealing with degenerative disc disease.


As previously stated, just because your discs wear down, it doesn’t mean that you’re suffering from degenerative disc disease. Pain is the key factor in this condition, as this is what truly signifies you are now battling it. Since there many ways your spinal vertebrae can become worn down, our spine surgeon in New York would like to share the following some of the most common leading causes of degenerative disc disease: 

  • Cracks: Wear and tear sustained over time can lead to cracks forming in the outer walls of discs that contain nerves. Any cracks or tears that take place near the nerves have the potential to become painful. If the cracks become deep enough, it can also increase your likelihood of suffering a herniated disc. 
  • Drying Out: At the time of your birth, your spinal discs are comprised mostly of water. As you begin to age, they can start to dry out and cause issues. When this happens, they will become flattened and have a more difficult time absorbing the shocks they once could. Dry spinal discs also offer less cushioning to the rest of your spine. This may result in pain, putting you in need of a top spine surgeon in Stony Brook. 

How Our Spine Surgeon In Stony Brook Can Help   

Once degenerative disc disease has been diagnosed, treatment can begin to be administered. Some people will find that physical therapy and steroid injections will be enough for treatment. However, others will need surgery to find relief. If you fall into the latter category, our spine surgeon in Stony Brook can perform a discectomy to take care of the issue. During this procedure, the injured part of the disc will be removed, relieving the pressure that was being placed on your joints. In extreme cases, the entire disc may need to be removed and replaced with a synthetic one.

New York Orthopedic Spinal Associates – Spine Surgeon In Stony Brook

At New York Orthopedic Spinal Associates, we can’t stress the importance of a healthy spine enough. If you suspect that you are suffering from degenerative disc disease, contacting us right away will be your best bet. We’ll pair you with an experienced spine surgeon in Stony Brook so you can take the first steps towards a full recovery. Don’t continue to suffer through this painful condition, let the team at New York Orthopaedic Spinal Associates give you the help you need today!

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