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What is a trigger point injection?

Trigger Points

Trigger Point Injections Long Island

Patients who are considering triggering point injections on Long Island or in the surrounding area should inquire with the skilled spine surgeons at New York Orthopaedic Spinal Associates. Dr. Ira Chernoff & Dr. Marc Chernoff are both highly skilled Spine Surgeons on Long Island who have experience injecting patients with needles into their trigger points. 

What is a trigger point?

Before diving into the treatment itself, it’s imperative that patients understand more about their trigger points. These palpable nodules are located in various areas around the body that have knots of muscles. They form themselves when your muscles are able to contract but they cannot relax. Trigger points tend to develop more frequently in the myofascia, the center of a muscle belly. Everyone has trigger points, but not everyone experiences pain in these areas. If you’re experiencing trigger point related discomfort, please contact our skilled Spine Surgeon on Long Island for treatment and diagnosis.

What are trigger point symptoms? 

The intention of a trigger point injection is to treat pain in parts of the body that have trigger points. Typically, trigger point pain is stimulated by injury or overuse of certain muscle groups. Other common catalysts of trigger points include stress and chronic anxiety. Trigger points tend to irritate nerves in the body, formulating discomfort and inducing pain. Other symptoms include deterioration of the patients’ range of motion.  

What is the process for trigger point injections?

During the TPI procedure, your spine surgeon on Long Island will insert a small needle into the affected area. Depending on the severity, this small needle will include an anesthetic, saline, or potentially a corticosteroid. By natural means, the trigger point will become inactive and pain relief should be the immediate result. This prototypical procedure usually only takes approximately 2-3 minutes and can easily be done by our spine surgeon on Long Island. Primarily, the muscle groups that are targeted for trigger point injections tend to include the ones located within the legs, arms, neck, and back. Fibromyalgia is also a condition that is often treated with the help of trigger point injections.

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