Scoliosis is defined as the sideways curvature of the spine. For some, a diagnosis of scoliosis can be mild. It can develop in early childhood, but in those cases, it could end up getting worse with age and growth. The spine development can continue to get worse and can become disabling.  It can affect the lungs and how they function making it much harder to breathe. Children who have been diagnosed at a young age are told to wear a brace, which can help prevent the spine from becoming too curved as they grow up.

When you visit a doctor, they’ll use X-rays to help decipher the severity of your scoliosis. In other circumstances, surgery is recommended to make sure the spine curve doesn’t get worse. If you think your child may be developing a curve or bend in their spine, it may be time to contact a Spine Surgeon on Long Island. As scoliosis worsens in individuals, it can become visible in their appearance. Shoulders and hips can appear uneven, which is why it’s important to act when it comes to getting treatment.


When it comes to treatment, it’s essential first to identify the possible cause of your scoliosis. When you visit a Spine Surgeon on Long Island, they may discuss with you some of the probable causes of the condition, which include:

  • Congenital disabilities can be a primary cause of scoliosis.
    • The defect can be affecting the bone structure.
  • Cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy can play a role in the development of scoliosis.
  • Any bad injuries to the spine also can lead to scoliosis.
  • Severe infections in the spine.


Since scoliosis usually begins in early adolescence or infancy, it’s essential parents can identify some of the symptoms on their own. When it comes to young children, their diagnosis is referred to as adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. The symptoms include:

  • Their heads appear slightly off center.
  • Their ribs can appear at different heights (not symmetrical).
  • One of their hips appears more prominently than the other.
  • Their clothes do not hand properly.
  • A shoulder or shoulder blade appears to be higher than the other.
  • The child tends to lean to one side more often than not.
  • Their legs are uneven in length.

When it comes to infants, these symptoms may alert parents to contact a Spine Surgeon on Long Island:

  • A bulge is appearing on one side of their chest.
  • When the baby is lying down, it tends to lay curved to one side.
  • There could be complications with the baby’s lungs and heart, causing them to be out of breath or even suffer chest pain.


Staying on top of some of the risk factors involved with scoliosis include:

  • Age
    • Scoliosis tends to affect young children during growth spurts.
  • Gender
    • Girls are more likely to have complications when it comes to Scoliosis.
  • Family History
    • Scoliosis can be due to heredity.


The longer you wait to treat this condition the worse it can get. As an adult, the curving can lead to significant health issues.  It’s crucial that you visit a doctor to find out your diagnosis immediately. When you visit a spine surgeon, they’ll start by giving you or your child a physical examination of the back, shoulders, hips, and waist. If the doctor believes you have Scoliosis, they’ll perform a neurological exam as well. This examination will help to analyze things like muscle strength, reflexes, and any areas of numbness. Other examinations may be performed as well, including imaging tests and diagnostic image tests, to rule out any other problems that may be causing a spine curvature.

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