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Preventing Spinal Stenosis

The spine is made up of a system of nerve cells encased by 33 bones known as vertebrae. This structure is the body’s central processing center, so any injuries or conditions impacting it cannot be taken lightly. Spinal stenosis is one of these conditions and has the potential to be detrimental to your overall health. […]

spine surgeon on long island

Thoracic Spine Nerve Damage

What is Thoracic Spine Nerve Damage? Nerve damage can severely impact your life, leaving you incapable of engaging in regular activities. Nerve damage to the thoracic spine generally occurs in people who are 50 or older, but it can also develop in children. Because thoracic spine nerve damage manifests in the main part of the […]

Diet and Nutrition: Keeping Your Back Healthy

While most people believe that having a healthy back only requires elements such as exercise, proper lifting techniques, or different types of yoga poses; your diet can also have a major impact on the health of your back/spine. Incorporating these anti-inflammatory foods into your diet is simple, and with the help of a local spine […]

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Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a genetic condition that affects your ability to move and potentially eat or breathe. Those with SMA have trouble using their muscles because the nerves that originate from the spine and brain stem and connect to the muscles are impaired. SMA primarily affects children and is the leading genetic cause […]

What is Cervical Laminoplasty?

When the spinal cord experiences severe compression, this is known as myelopathy. The constriction of the spinal cord can be caused by trauma, congenital stenosis, or a degenerative disease. Many patients experience myelopathy in the middle of the spine, the neck, and uncommonly, in the top section of the lumbar spine. Cervical myelopathy is the […]

Exercising Your Way To Recovery

Recovery from lower back surgery could often take weeks, even months to completely get back to your usual self and return to the daily activities you are accustomed to doing. Two common surgeries to treat conditions associated with lower back pain are laminectomy and microdiscectomy. While a microdiscectomy’s recovery period usually allows you to walk […]

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Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion

Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion If you have chronic pain, numbness, or low mobility of the back and neck, you may have a degenerated or herniated disc. This painful condition occurs when the rubbery discs that separate the spinal vertebrae wear down over time or slip out of place, putting pressure on your nerves and […]


Microdiscectomy Procedure

Microdiscectomy is a procedure to remove lumbar (lower back) herniated disc material that may be putting pressure on the spinal cord or nerve root. The procedure involves the use of a microscope for viewing the nerves. The procedure is usually reserved for patients who do not respond to other means of treatment. Because the spine […]

spinal surgeon on long island

Why you need to treat your Scoliosis

Scoliosis is defined as the sideways curvature of the spine. For some, a diagnosis of scoliosis can be mild. It can develop in early childhood, but in those cases, it could end up getting worse with age and growth. The spine development can continue to get worse and can become disabling.  It can affect the […]

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Decompressive Laminectomy For Spinal Stenosis

Decompressive Laminectomy For Spinal Stenosis Spinal Stenosis occurs when bones along your vertebrae become narrow. This condition admits pressure on spinal bones and nerves that lead to your arms, lower back, and neck. While select people with this condition may experience little-to-no symptoms, many endure numbness and muscle weakness throughout their body. Depending on your […]

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